Bred Cow and Heifer Sales

Updated: Sep 7

We've had a good summer for replenishing the feed yards and with that comes adding to your herd. We have a number of great breds on the books so far, to book in your breds give us a call at 403-742-2368.

October 28th Sale - calves selling at 10am with Breds starting at 2pm.

Bud Willis

30 head Red Heifers Bred to a Red Angus bull out June 1st.

Jim Abel

15 RBF heifers Bred to a Red Angus bull out June 1st.

November 18th Sale starting at 11am.

Jim Abel

25 head Red and Black cows Bred to Black Angus bulls turned out May 1st.

Eric Stenson

70 head Black and Red Simmental cross heifers

15 head Red Angus heifers

12 head RWF heifers

All these girls have a full herd health, and were exposed to Red Angus bulls due for March 1st.

November 25th Sale starting at 11am.

Gary Rairdan

50 head Black Simmental cross heifers Bred Red Angus

40 head Black Simmental 2 yar olds Bred Charolais

10 head Black Angus cross 2nd - 3rd calvers Bred Charolais

All these great ladies are Feb-March calvers with a full herd health

Fred Reinbold

60 head Tan & Red Charolais cross heifers Bred to Piro Red Angus bulls. The boys were turned out May 15th and all these girls had prebreeding vaccinations. All heifers were purchased from local herds.

Deral Lang

110 head Tan & Red Bred Heifers Bred to Red angus bulls