December 2nd Bred Sale

Updated: 3 days ago

We are into the last month of the year and the sales are coming to an end for the year. If you have any breds you are wanting listed give us a call at 403-742-2368. Here's whats on the books so far.....

Dwayne and Wendy Adams

50 head Blk and Red angus exposed to proven LLB easy calving bulls out June 1st. Full herd health program.

Rod and Chris Norman

30 Red Simmental cows. Bred Simmental for March 15th calving. Good productive cows, not culls just cutting back.

Kyle Konrad

30 head purebred Angus and Simmental middle aged cows.

Terry & Val Quattek

20 head Red and RWF Simmental Heifers

6 head Black Simmental Heifers

These home raised girls are out of a great set of Brent Sutter Simmental females and Moonshine simmental bulls. They have been exposed to a Moonshine Simmmental low birthweight bull (84lbs) and a Ruzicka low birthweight (82lbs) bull out June 25th. This great set of good framed excellent condintion girls have a quiet dispostion and have been pail fed for moving purposes. These ladies have been on a greenfeed ration since coming off pasture Nov 1st. You don't want to miss the opportunity to take these girls home.

John Bains

30 head Red Angus cross middle aged cows bred to Red or Black Angus bulls to calve April, May.

Brian Keith

6 head limo and 4 head Black Angus cows due to calve March on a 45 day exposure.