December 3rd Bred Sale

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

We are into the final month of 2021 and only have a select few sales left before Christmas. This Bred sale will start at 11am, all breds will be preg checked and stickered. Here's what is comnig in so far........

Gerald Zimmerman

60 head of Charolais tan Merv Toews haifers. Exposed to a Red Angus calving ease bull May 16th to July 11th. These girls have had their Bovine Express and 8-way in the spring.

Stacy Fuller

15 head 4-7 year old Red and Blk angus cows, exposed to a Simmental bull out July 1st. Full herd health with cattle master 4 VL5, 8-way, and Scour guard.


6 head of Blue Roan cows & 4 head of Red Roan cows, these girls are all 4th-8th calvers.

Neil Heck

9 Red Angus cross heifers Bred Red angus.

Jason Ewing

2 Tan & 6 Red Heifers bred Red Angus, bull out May 24.

Sandra Harris

7 head Black and Red Cows Bred Black angus

Tyler Dafoe

7 head Speckle park & 6 head Black Angus cross cows

John Blomquist

8 head Red Simmental cross heifers, 6 head RBF Heifers, exposed to a Red Angus bull out May 24th - Aug 17th.