Jan 25th Regular sale featuring Breds

Updated: Jan 26

We have a number of calves and bred cows and heifers on the books for this sale.

We will be starting the sale with the feeder calves at 10am, the bred cows and heifers will start selling at noon. Here's what we have on the books so far.....

40 head Tan Charolais cross heifers

30 head Angus cross steers

120 head Angus cross steers

70 head Angus cross heifers

120 head Angus steers and heifers

40 head Angus heifers

35 head of Angus cross Heifers

80 head mixed cross Steers and Heifers

30 head mixed calves

50 head angus cross calves

In-House Video

Merv Toews

66 head Charolais cross 970lbs Steers. Med flesh, Med to Large Frame, 0.04 slide, 4% shrink. This great set of reputation home raised steers has been on a 25% rolled barley silage ration, has had Pyramid 5 vision, 8way with som, ivomec and ralgrow implants at weaning.