March 8th Sale

Updated: Mar 9

We're into a new month and spring is just around the corner. Our regular sale will start at 10am with show alley, at Noon we will move onto sellign the Bred females. To book ahead and get in on the advertising give us a call at 403-742-2368, here's whats on the books so far........


28 head of Black, Red, Brockle and Speckled 3-5 year old cows. These girls were exposed to purebred Speckled park bulls out June 20. All these girls have been given Scourbos 9 prior to calving and Epress FP5 and Covexin plus in the spring, prebreeding, as well as Ivermectin in the fall. These girls are on a Hay and barley greenfeed ration with 20% mineral tubs as well as Hi-boot salt. This is a great young set of bred cows your gonna want in your herd, below are some pictures as well as videos check them out and well see you sale day.


20 Black Angus heifers bred black angus and 9 head of limo cross heifers bred Richmond low birthweight limo bulls. These girls are due to start calving mid march, and will be pregnancy checked prior to the sale.