November 18th Bred Cow and Heifer Sale

Updated: Nov 20

It's bred cow and heifer sale time here at the mart. We will be starting this sale at 11am here's what is on the books so far .....

Jim Abel

25 head Red and Black cows Bred to Black Angus bulls turned out May 1st.

Eric Stenson

70 head Black and Red Simmental cross heifers

15 head Red Angus heifers

12 head RWF heifers

25 head Red / RBF Hereford Red Angus cross 3rd - 5th calvers exposed Charolais June 1st

All these girls have a full herd health, and were exposed to Red Angus bulls due for March 1st.

First group of photo's are the Heifers Second Group of photos are the Cows.

Greg & Quinn Hayden

25 head Simmental Red Angus cross heifers bred to Piro Red Angus bulls exposed from May 18th - July 20th.

Raelene & Mario Sobchyshyn Dispersal

12 head Charolais cross cows AI'd May 31st to a Charolais bull with 2 head bred Red Angus

Chad Hildebrandt

30 head Red Angus Simmental cows, 2nd to 8th calvers bred to a Red Simmental bulls. Jan 1st start date on calving.

Kuffner land and cattle

60 head Red and black angus 2nd calvers

26 head Red and Black angus 3-4th calvers

All these girls havea full herd health and were exposed to Black angus and Black Semmintal Bulls out June 10th.

Brooks Watts Dispersal

60 head Charolais cows

Rocky View Farms Dispersal

16 Simmental and Simmental angus cross cows

Exposed to Simmental bulls from March 20th to June 20th. For January -March calving. 80% of the cows calved in January last year. These cows work hard and raise good calves. Oldest cows are “D” models.

Have been on a full herd health program in previous years including a Express 5 FP given each fall so these cows would be eligible to receive the modified live vaccine again this fall.

Kevin and Levi Marcinek

20 Simmental cross cows bred to top Simmental bulls to calve January -March. Bulls were pulled so only a 90 day calving window. Most will be January calvers. Raise big calves. Have been on a Full herd health program.

6 RBF and 2 black Simmental bred heifers exposed to proven black angus bulls from

March 25 - May 25, 60 day breeding window, January - February calvers.

Christie Greiner

10 had angus cross cows - full herd health, exposed to angus and maine bulls out june 1st

Troy Robinson Dispersal

50 head Black nad Red angus cows exposed may 1st to Charoalis and Angus bulls.