November 26th

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

This friday marks another Bred cow and heifer sale starting at 11am. If your looking for some great young bred cows or heifers this is the sale for you. All cattle will be vet checked for pregnancy dates the day prior to the sale. Here's what we have coming so far.....

Derral Lang

55 head Charolais cross heifers bred Red angus

55 head Red / RBF bred heifers bred Red angus

Eric & Diane Stenson

100 head Red heifers bred Red angus calving start date March.

Rod & Chris Norman

35 head Simmental cross heifers bred Red angus on a 65 day exposure, due March 1st.

All these beauties have had Cattlemaster and there first shot of scour bos and ivermectin this fall.

Gary & Leigh Rairdan

40 head Black simmental cross heifers all bought from 6R Farms. Synchronized and AI'd to Musgraves Colossal a Black angus, proven easy calving bull, May 7th and 17th. All heifers have had Bovashield gold and 7 way in the spring. Nice group of quiet heifers.

Greg and Quinn Hayden

18 head Red / RBF Simmental cross bred heifers bred Red Angus on a 65 day exposure due march 1st.

Fred & Denise Reinbold

60 head Simmental and Charolais cross heifers bred Red Angus. Exposed May 19/2021. Nice disposition and easy to handle. Good selection to increase or replace in your cow herd. These heifers will cross well with different breeds to raise calves to top fall sales. All heifers will be pregnancy checked and sorted into Reds, Red Baldies and Tans. All these girls have had Bovisheild Gold and 8 Way in the spring.

Norm Salmon

30 head Simmental heifers bred to a 68lbs Redrich Red Angus Bull. These girls have had 8-way and Ivomec.

Doug Hughes

35 head Red / RBF high persentage Simmental cross heifers. Bred to easy calving Red Angus bulls out June 1st - July 27th. Full herd health, Bovisheild gold VL5 in the spring and Ivermectin in October. This is a nice quiet group of quality simmental heifers.

Byron Wilkie

40 head Charolais cross heifers.

Duane Lang

21 head Red/ RBF 4 and 5 year olds and 2 6yr olds, bred to a Legacy Charolais bull. All these girls have had 8-way, Cattlemaster 4 VL5 and Scour bos, boosters will be needed shortly.