October 18th Sale

Updated: 11 hours ago

Another tuesday means another Sale and we have a great selection of calves listed for this one. Our sale will start at 9am with show alley calves then we will move onto the cows and bulls after that. Here's what we know of so far..........

Dave Shand

150 head of Chaorlais cross calves

Matt & Shauna Elines

200 head Charolais cross calves

Raelene Sobchyshyn

11 head Charolais cross calves

Fred Reinbold

27 head Charolais cross calves

Doug and Kevin Shuckburgh

90 head Angus cross calves

Dave Hennel

100 head mixed calves

Cody Brayford

50 head Blk / BBF calves

Greg Davis

50-75 head of Charolais cross calves

Darrell Rairdan

120 Angus cross calves

Darren LaRose

27 head Angus cross calves