October 23rd Sale

Updated: 6 days ago

We have a great line-up for this Friday calf sale so far,

with plenty of days left to continue growing. We will be featuring Charolais and Simmental cross calves in this sale that will be starting at 10am. If your looking to get your calves booked into a sale this fall just give us a call at 403-742-2368. Here's whats on the books so far.....

75 head Mixed cross calves

80 head Charolais cross calves

60 head Angus and Charolais cross calves

110 head Limo cross calves

110 head Mixed cross calves

280 head Charolais cross calves

100 head Mixed cross calves

30 head Mixed calves

50 head Mixed calves

110 head Simmental calves

150 head Charolais calves

65 head Angus cross calves

50 head Charolais cross calves

120 head Charolais cross calves

25 head Mixed calves

50 head Charolais cross calves

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