October 28th Calf Sale & Bred Sale

Updated: Oct 26

Fall run is well under way now and the cattle are moving. Today's sale is a joint calf and bred cow and heifer sale. We will start our sale at 10am with the calves and then will move onto the Breds following the calves. Here's what we have on the books so far.....


35 head Simmental cross calves

200 head Angus cross calves

165 head Charolais cross calves

40 head angus cross calves

40 head simmental cross calves

30 head simmental cross calves

50 head simmental cross calves

200 head angus calves

35 head Simmental cross calves

40 head Angus cross calves

150 head mixed calves

22 head angus cross calves

60 head limo calves

30 head charolais calves


Bud Willis

30 head Red Heifers Bred to a Red Angus bull out June 1st.

Jim Abel

15 RBF heifers Bred to a Red Angus bull out June 1st.

Greg and Quinn Hayden

25 head Simmental Angus cross bred Heifers - Bred to Piro Red Angus bulls on a 62 day exposure May 18th till July 20. These girls also have cattlemaster 4 VL5 and 8way.

Al and Chris Rowland

40 head Tan, Red and Blk cows, half under 5 years half mature cows. 13 head of these girls are bred Charolais with the rest bred Gelbvieh.

Isaac Swann

10 head Black angus Simmental cross cows

Jason & Amanda Buganek

40 head cows bred hereford or simmental due march

40 head bred heifers bred Angus

Darius, Nancy and Jodi Land

100+ head bred cows

Jim Long

10 head Black and Red Angus Bred Heifers