October 30th Bred Cow and Heifer sale

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

This will be our first Bred sale of the fall and it's looking to have some great reputation Bred heifers coming in. We will start this sale at 11am, here's what we know is coming so far...

Jim Abel - 27 head Charolais cross heifers bred Red Angus

- 10 head Black Angus Heifers bred Black Angus

- 17 head Simmental cross Second calvers bred Black Angus

Dwayne Diegel -40 head cows and heifers

Commercial herd mixed cows that have been influenced over the years by Red Angus, Charolais, and Majestic Shorthorn bulls.

All bulls were turned out 4 June 2021. Heifers and cows were bred Red Angus, Cows bred Charolais.

Greg & Quinn Hayden

25 head Simmental Red Angus cross Heifers Bred Red Angus. 70 day exposure for March calving, with an 80-85lbs Piro Angus bulls. Full herd health.

Buelow Farms

99 head Red angus and Red angus influence second calver to mature cows. Bred Red angus, exposed June 20th. Bovisheild gold os and ultrabac 7.

NN Farms

12 head Limo cross heifers bred Limo on a 70 day exposure, bulls out May 31st. All cows on a Bovisheild program.

Aaron Davies

15 head of middle aged Red, Blk and RBF cows

5 head Black Simmental cross second calvers

All cows have had their Bovisheild Gold, 1 shot VLF and 8-way. Exposed to a Charolais bull on a 45 day exposure out July 5th.

Allan Mattie

20 head Limo cross cows and heifers, Exposed to a limo bull out June 1st.