Sept 28th Sale

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Fall run is upon us and we have our first breed featured sale starting at 10am. This sale will feature Silver calves and do we have a great run of calves for this sale. Here's what we have on the books so far.....

Steve Saruga - 125 head Charolais cross calves

Kale Gist - 150 head of Simmental cross calves

Don Dodge - 50 head of Charolais cross calves

Mel Barkley - 70 head of Maine cross calves

Guy Chapman - 23 head of yearling Steers

Stan Quance - 75 head of Black Angus cross steers

Glen & Amy Kobi - 30 head mixed calves

Wayne Stuber - 85 head mixed calves

Brad Lohr - 250 head Angus cross calves

Andy Vanderlee - 60 head Simmental cross

Rick Marshal - 40 head charolais cross calves

Darrell Rairdan - 85 head Simmental cross calves

Darcy Wold - 50 head Simmental cross Steers