Upcoming Bull Sales

Updated: Apr 7

It's that time of year again and the Bulls are ready for their new homes. From Charolais

to Angus, Simmental and Shorthorn theres a sale for everyone. Below is a list of our producers Bull and Female Sales, as the catalogue's become available online I will add the link for viewing, so keep checking back to view those. We would like to wish all our Bull producers good luck this year with your sales and hope that 2022 is a prosperous year.


Sandan Charolais and Springside Farms - Feb 12th Catalogue

Lazy E Bar Ranching Angus Bull Sale - Feb 18th Catalogue

Stewart Limousin Bull Sale - Feb 21st Catalogue

Chapman Cattle Co. Angus Bull Sale - Feb 24th Catalogue

Prairie Cove Charolais Bull Sale - Feb 24th Catalogue

Bob's Charolais Annual Bull Sale - Feb 28nd Catalogue


Jace Cattle Co Annual Bull Sale - Off farm - Mar 5th

Mappin Simmentals Annual Bull Sale - Mar 5th Catalogue

Legacy Charolais Annual Bull Sale -Mar 6th Catalogue

Bar E-L Angus Annual Bull Sale - Mar 10th Catalogue

Richmond Ranch Annual Bull and Female Sale - Mar 11th Catalogue

LLB Angus Annual Bull and Female Sale - Mar 12th Catalogue

Reich Angus Ranches & K3 Ranches Annual Bull Sale - Mar 16th Catalogue

Alberts's Finest Bull Sale - Mar 16th Catalogue

Ter Ron Farms Annual Bull Sale - Mar 17th Catalogue

Shepalta Shorthorns Annual Bull Sale - Mar 18th Catalogue

Allison Farms Annual Angus Bull Sale - Mar 23rd Catalogue

Rivercrest Angus Ranch Annual Bull & Female Sale - Mar 24th Catalogue

Shiloh Cattle Co. Annual Angus Trendsetter Bull and Female Sale - Mar 26th Catalogue

Redrich Angus Annual Bull Sale - Mar 29th Catalogue


Buffalo Lake Charolais - Lyle 403-740-4968

Lindon Angus - Lindsay 403-742-4337, Cathy 403-358-0575

Ross Lake Charolais - Byron Wilkie 403-740-5247

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