VBP+ Sale October 22nd

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

October 22nd is our VBP+ featured sale starting at 9am. If your part of the VBP+ program this is the sale for you. This is a great program that puts more $$ in your pocket at the end of the year, for more informatin on the VBP+ program click the link here. http://www.verifiedbeef.ca/about-vbp/overview.cfm

Here's what's on the books so far for this great sale....

150 head of VBP+ certified Black Angus calves

35 head Angus Cross calves

60 head mixed calves

35 head Simmental calves

300 head Charolais calves

100 head Angus calves

65 head Angus calves

25 head Mixed calves

40 head Mixed calves

30 head Simmental calves

110 head Angus calves

40 head Charolais cross calves

75 head Limo cross calves

40 head Limo cross calves

30 head Charolais cross calves