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Corn & Canola Seed

Union Forage Seed

Annual Blends

These annual blends are made up of nutrient dense brassicas like Hunter, Winfred, Goliath, and Graza, all of which have been selected for their rapid growth, grazing tolerance, and nutrient density.  In addition, we include annual legumes like Hairy Vetch, Crimson Clover and others for their nitrogen fixing properties.   



Perennial Blends

A good perennial pasture should include a mixture of nutrient dense grass varieties suited to your geography and soil type, plus a combination of legumes to fix nitrogen and improve the stand longevity.  The legumes should include sainfoin and vetch in the mix to reduce the risk of bloat from alfalfa. 

Union Forage seed
Union Forage Alberta
Union Forage ultimate blend
Unin Forage legume pasture
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