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formerly Committed Ag

Silage Plastic 

All our Silage plastic is 6mil thick and available in a wide variety of sizes. 


Widths from 30’ - 120'

Lengths up to 1150'


Net Wrap

Committed Ag sets the new standard for quality, performance, and roll consistency, with our Committed line of net wrap. Proven time and time again, our net wrap is your worry free solution to a well-made bale. Manufactured for use in almost every baler on the market.

Grain and Silage Bags 

Dismissing the idea that “a bag is a bag”, Committed Ag takes steps to ensure that each bag is made to withstand our tough North American winters. Quality controlled and manufactured to exceed our customers’ needs, the Committed Grain Bag works hard to protect your investment.

Bale Film

Committed Ag’s Silage Bale Film is constructed of multi-layered resins with built in UV Stabilizers to produce a film that will stand up to the toughest storage conditions. Manufactured tested and controlled the Committed Silage Film is a quality option for your feed protection needs. 

Available in White or Green | Standard size of 30" x 5000' 

2 W

2W Livestock

We stock a limited variety of the gates in a range of lengths. All of 2W's handling systems and panels are a special order. Please call the  office for pricing and availability.

livestock panel otions
livestock panels



Duty              Type                    Lengths


Light             Fence Line             4', 6', 8' 

                       4 Rail                 10', 12', 14', 16'

Medium          Farm                  4', 6', 8', 10'    

                        5 Rail               12', 14', 16', 18'

Medium         Thrifty              4', 6', 8' 10' 

                         5 Rail                12', 14', 16'

Heavy              Corral               4', 6', 8' 10' 

                     5, 6 or 7 Rail         12', 14', 16'


Duty                   Type                   Lengths


Light                   Diamond              10' or 16'


Medium              Lemsco             4', 6', 8'10' 

                             5 or 6 Rail          12', 14', 16'

Heavy              400, 500, 600     4', 6', 8', 10'

                           5,6,7 or 8 rail       12', 14', 16'

2W Wrangler system

Cattle Handling Equipment 


If you are considering upgrading your cattle handling facilities, or ready for something new, the 2w wrangler system offers the ultimate in safety and efficiency while handling your livestock.


-Adjustable for a clear, safe working area.

-Can be set up in a straight, "C" or "S" configuration

-Double alley is available which can improve the flow of cattle down the alley.

-20' diameter Crowding Tub is reversible (left or right flow)


Other options include: 

Bud Box, Palpation Cage, Calf Table 

squeeze chutes

Squeeze Chute Options 


Wrangler Squeeze 

This chute has a self catching headgate with a neck extender and comes in left or right exit. The material is our heavy duty 2" 13 gauge steel for durability and longevity. 


Performer Hydraulic Squeeze 

This chute comes standard with a 5 horsepower motor, pivot control arm, shock absorbing head gate and it is a double exit  

rodeo chutes

Rodeo & Roping Arenas

2W manufactures a complete line of rodeo equipment including:

-bucking chutes, timed event chutes and extensions, stripping chutesblock doors and rodeo corners 

All made out of 2″ 13 gauge tube. The bucking chutes can be purchased as single units or in banks with 3 left and 3 right being the most common. They come complete with 4 foot wide catwalks on the back which can be ordered permanent or to fold up making the bucking chutes portable. The block doors are rolling from the bottom to eliminate the bar sticking out the back on the permanent bucking chutes. The doors are lockable and there is a “Pre-Load” on the swing gate.

Bucking Chute Number One has block doors on each end & Bucking Chute and Number Two has only one so when ordering banks of chutes you need to order one of the Number One to start and then as many of the Number Two chutes as required.

Pride o the Farm
pride of the farm.png

Pride of the Farm

livestock waterers

12 & 25 Gallon Waterers

Our drinkers have foam filled double wall construction which adds to the efficiency. More importantly, the vertical wall of our valve cover has PATENTED ports which allow natural water circulation and efficient heat dispersal into the drinker troughs.
• Spring loaded pin allows access panel to pop off with the twist of a screwdriver. There are no loose parts.
• Two inch built-in drain 
• Stainless steel spring loaded attachment pins make cover removal and replacement easy. Again, there are no loose parts.
• Recessed, protected notches for secure anchoring
• Proven (20 years of use) 250 watt heater.
• Overflow port 
• Dependable non-siphoning Durapride valve

livestock waterer
horse waterer

50 & 70 Gallon Waterers

Model WPO50 is a 50 gallon capacity, 54 inch long drinker designed for smaller cattle pens.   WPO50 is a shorter version and nearly identical to Pride of the Farm’s Model WPO70, the 70 Gallon designed for high capacity feed yards.  The drinkers feature foam filled poly construction and a rib reinforced trough.  The water supply enters through a unique tower which offers double wall protection from freezing.  Water circulation is assisted with a patented baffle design.  A continuous flow kit with a weep valve is an option as is a heater.

Hi-Hog Form & Ranch Equipment

Hi Hog

All our Hi-Hog products are special order, for pricing and availability please give the girls a call.

livestock panels

Livestock Panels

Hi-Hog offers a wide range of outstanding livestock panels to meet your farm panel requirements. The panels use a common connector system so you can combine different heights and styles of Hi-Hog panels freely.

man gate livestock panels

Panels with a man-gate

When you get tired of climbing your corrals, get smart and replace your regular livestock panel with a panel that includes a man-gate..

livestock gates

Livestock Gates

Hi-Hog offers a wide range of outstanding livestock gates to meet your farm gate requirements. All gates are made with 60,000 psi high tensile steel tubing (or better).

overhead livestock gates

Overhead Frames with Gates

Hi-Hog offers a range of overhead frames with built-in gates for a range of uses from low pressure paddock settings up to high pressure bison corral situations.

working alleys

Working Alleys

Hi-Hog offers a wide range of cattle working alley systems. All the systems use a common connector system so you can combine the various systems to create a custom alley that fits your cattle ranch needs. 

squeeze chute

Squeeze Chutes

Choose from two outstanding cattle squeeze chutes: Hi-Hog's hydraulic squeeze chute or Hi-Hog's manual Parallel Axis Squeeze Chute.

crowding tubs

Crowding Tubs

The value of a safe, reliable and efficient crowding tub should not be overlooked. The crowding tub is critical to the overall efficiency of the handling system yet many crowding tubs fail to consider the challenges of the working tub environment

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