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Sheep & Goats

sheep feed

Stockmans Choice Vitamin & Enzyme Paste

Concentrated paste to assist in fast colonization of beneficial bacteria

Improves digestion and stimulates appetite

Available in 30cc, 80cc or 300cc



Block Supplement is designed for self-feeding to all classes of sheep when grazing native range, improved pastures or crop residues, and also is a suitable supplement for forage-based dry-lot programs.

milk replacer.jpg

Lamb or Kid Milk Replacer

Made with 100% Milk Protein, manufactured locally & mixes well!

20kg Bag

Sheep Pasture Mineral 

Intended to be fed to sheep on a free choice basis while grazing pastures.

Mash; 20kg bag

10:10 Goat Mineral

Feed this mineral free choice to goats.  Expected intake is 12-15 grams per head/day by goats when fed hay or pasture. 


18% Goat Kid Starter/Grower


16% Dairy Goat Ration

Available for order


Trouw Goat Premix

Free Choice or Force Fed Mineral for all goat types


allflex tags.jpg

Allflex Sheep Tags

Available for order


Trusti Tuber

The first purpose designed lamb and kid oesophageal tube in over 50 years! One-handed operation. Safety indicator strips – know when the tube is safely positioned. Specialised tube tip – prevents inadvertent airway insertion. Stable base – allows you to pre-fill the vial. Hole at tube end, not the side – good flow and allows cleaning of the whole tube. 240ml capacity – one large or two smaller feeds without refilling.

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