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Hoffman's Maintenance Ration

Intended for maintaining horses under a light work load.  It has very low starch and NSC levels and low inclusion rate. 

hoffmans horse feed

Hoffman's Crunchies

Ideal treat to use when training. Highly palatable and low in starch and sugar

Hoffman's Horse Feed

Hoffman's HaySaver

5/8" Cube which can be used to extend expensive hays or feed along side poor quality forages. Contains Diamond V Yeast for gut health and Chelated Trace Minerals. No sugars, grains, or any other starches added and a NSC 20%. High in digestible fiber for energy

Hoffman's Horse Feed

Hoffman's Developer

Intended for Weanling horses and up to two years of age. Low NSC and Starches. Pelleted for consistent intakes. Contains Diamond V Yeast as well as Chelated Trace Minerals and a Fat Digestion Aid for a long lasting, cool energy.  


Hoffman's ProFat

High Fat topdress product intended to be fed alongside a full balanced ration at a rate of 1-4lb/day


Hoffman's Textured Ration

Molasses textured ration including a full vitamin and mineral package as well as Chelated Trace Minerals and Diamond V Yeast. A lower NSC level in comparison with most on the market of the same type.

Hoffman's Horse Feed

Hoffman's Elite Ration

High performance feed designed with a specific balance of Electrolytes, Amino Acids and a Fat-based Energy source. Fed at a low 4-6lb/day to maintain a healthy athletic body condition.

Hoffman's Horse Feed

Hoffman's Senior Ration

For senior horses 18yrs and older needing extra energy to maintain weight, complete with all the vitamins and minerals needed for optimal mental and physical health.

Step Right Horse Feed

Step 8 Hi-Fat

A high fat, high fibre, low NSC extruded horse feed for horses with higher energy requirements or special nutrient requirements. Low sugar feed for sugar sensitivity. Infused with pure non-hydrogenated canola oil and rice bran.


Alfalfa Cubes

Made from locally grown premium alfalfa hay. These 7/8” hay cubes can be fed as supplement or a complete forage replacement.

Minimum 15% Protein

20kg bags


Timothy-Alfalfa Cubes

Made from a blend of locally grown premium alfalfa hay and premium timothy hay – half and half of each. These 7/8” hay cubes can be fed as supplement or a complete forage replacement.

Minimum 12% Protein

20kg bags or 500kg totes

alfafa cubes
Hoffman's horse products
Omega Alpha Horse Supplements
Arden Fx


Hormone and Sugar Normalizing Formula

4L (1gal)

Horse chill



Promotes And Enhances Relaxed Behaviour

1L (32oz)

horse Chill paste
horse anti inflammatory


Supports healthy feet and joints

1L (32oz) 

Chill Ultra Paste™

Calming and Focus for Mind and Muscle

60cc dial up serving syringe

horse liver flush

Liver Flush™

Supports normal liver function

1L (32oz)

horse lung flush

Lung Flush™

Supports normal lung function

1L (32oz)


Immune Plus™

Immune System Formula

1L (32oz)

horse vitamins


Complete Vitamin and Mineral Formula

500g  (1.1lb)

horse intestinal cleansing


Intestinal Cleansing Formula

1L (32oz)

horse appetite stimulant


GI Regenerator and Appetite Stimulant

1L (32oz)

linament for horses


Muscle, Joint and Ligament Formula

1L (32oz)

horse linament


Natural Liniment

4L (1gal)


We carry several of the industry leading Equine Dewormers including Safeguard, Eqvalan Gold, Strongid P and AVL Ivermectin Oral Liquid.

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